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22 May 2024

The Shorting Opportunity In Consumer Discretionary Stocks

Blackwattle Investment Partners’ CEO Jarred Rubin discusses Financial Markets and Short-Selling Opportunities in consumer stocks with ausbiz.

“… In the realm of small cap stocks, Jarred Rubin of Blackwattle Investment Partners explores the potential for both long and short opportunities, focusing on the burgeoning opportunities in the local consumer space.

Jarred notes a discernible valuation difference between small and large caps, emphasising how small caps are currently under-evaluated, yet provide attractive investment opportunities. Notably, he’s captivated by high-quality growth opportunities that could become top 100 companies.”

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Fund Updates

14 May 2024

Letter to the Board of Directors (RIO)

Blackwattle Portfolio Managers Ray David and Joe Koh recently engaged with Rio Tinto (RIO) regarding their views on its dual class shareholding structure. The team advocating for a shift towards a single-class structure in line with best corporate governance practices.

To read a full copy of the letter sent to the Board of Directors please click the link below:

Letter to Rio Board of Directors

Investment Strategy

30 Apr 2024

Ray’s Resource Picks

Our Portfolio Manager Ray David met with Juliette Saly and ausbiz providing perspectives on ASX Resources compared to ASX Financials, along with highlighting two underappreciated high-quality ASX mining producers held in the Blackwattle Long-Short 130/30 Quality Fund.

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Investment Strategy

Talk Ya Book – Sunny Bangia

Hear from the Lead Portfolio Manager Sunny Bangia of our Blackwattle Global Equity Fund.
Sunny discusses FICO. Exploring the company’s dominance in credit scoring (over 90% US market share), potential for increased profits, and room for price increases.

Thank you to Talk ya Book for the time.

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Investment Strategy

23 Apr 2024

3 Insights in 3 Minutes

From our Mid Cap team we have Michael Teran and Peter Wilson sharing their top 3 insights for the month of March.


22 Apr 2024

Embracing Team Values and Their Practical Application

Alignment, Quality, and Trust

In every successful team, values are the invisible threads that weave individuals into a cohesive unit. At Blackwattle, we’ve centered our firm around three core values: Alignment, Quality, and Trust. But how are these words applied practically every day, and what is their purpose?
Building Unity: Team values serve as the cornerstone of unity, binding team members together with a common purpose and vision. When everyone aligns with the same values, it creates a sense of belonging and fosters a supportive environment where each member feels valued and respected.
At Blackwattle we created our values through team input, where the question was asked, “What do we want to stand for as a team?” Team buy-in was essential in creating a sense of unity and in finding our three core values collectively.
Driving Performance and Guiding Principles: Clear and shared values provide a framework for decision-making and behavior, guiding actions even in the face of challenges. By upholding these values, teams can maintain focus, stay resilient, and consistently deliver high performance, even in dynamic and uncertain circumstances.
At Blackwattle Alignment and Trust are fundamental values that are referenced in all the decisions we make as a team, asking “Is this decision congruent with our core message of alignment?” and “Does this decision help foster trust?”
Fostering Innovation: Diverse perspectives are the lifeblood of innovation, and team values play a crucial role in encouraging open communication and collaboration. When individuals feel empowered to express their ideas and perspectives within the framework of shared values, it sparks creativity and drives breakthrough solutions.
Encouraging opinions and actually executing those ideas to help shape strategy or make decisions is a key fundamental in helping build trust within the team.
Cultivating Growth: Teams that prioritize values create an environment conducive to growth and development. By promoting trust, accountability, and continuous learning, team values empower individuals to stretch beyond their comfort zones, take calculated risks, and unleash their full potential.
Too often, values are just words on a wall—they are the guiding principles that shape our culture and define who we are as a team. By embracing and embodying these values each day, we pave the way for collective success and, in our case, hopefully drive outperformance which creates a lasting impact not only for our team and our organisation but also for our clients and community.

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