Our Edge

Our strength comes from our People, Strategy and Culture.

We strive to be Australia’s
most aligned investment manager

Our Edge

Blackwattle is a partnership. A collective group of diverse individuals from differing backgrounds. A team, invested together with our clients, fiercely focused on delivering positive returns and outcomes.

We are experienced, efficient, dynamic, focused, and collegiate.

We remind ourselves to always be intellectually curious, driven, and act with humility.

We understand our responsibility to protect and grow our client’s capital. We hold this privilege and duty as paramount.

We strive to be the best investment company in Australia and Globally.


Blackwattle strives to be Australia’s best performing, most trusted and aligned investment management business.

We truly believe that alignment is the foundation of enhanced returns for ourselves and our clients. We will always invest our own personal capital (and corporate capital) alongside our clients. There is also zero personal trading outside of our Blackwattle portfolios. We believe that this is the only way a funds management business should operate.


We truly are a partnership.
100% of our staff own equity.


Zero personal trading (PA) is allowed. We are 100% invested in our portfolios. We have all committed significant personal capital.


Our corporate profits are reinvested into our portfolios. Our personal salaries are reinvested into our portfolios.

Profit Share

Our Portfolio Managers are aligned with our clients (and their investment results) via clearly defined profit share mechanisms.


Timely and transparent communication with our investors. Providing regular access to our investment teams.


Our investment style is Quality.

We believe that investors are often distracted by market noise, short-term trends, and the movement of crowds (or momentum).

We will never be distracted by these factors. Rather

“We look to buy good and great businesses at the right price”.

We believe that a focus on business quality and strength is the best method to deliver sustained, long-term, investment outperformance.

“We buy businesses with a forward advantage, trustworthy aligned management, below intrinsic value.”

We will deploy capital into businesses that have a forward advantage within their sector of operation.

This may be:

  • A technology company with a unique, defensive, product.
  • A mining service company with a technology or process advantage.
  • A retail company with expanding brand loyalty.

Finally, we will always push ourselves to be better investors and stewards of capital. At Blackwattle we critically analyse our decision making with both internal and external reviews of our portfolios. We critique success and failure, both past and present.


Blackwattle believes that by empowering small highly experienced teams, significantly more efficient, accurate and higher quality decision making results.

We do not see value in corporate bureaucracy, or business environments where primary investment decision makers are far removed from the investment ‘coal face’.

Our highly experienced teams are empowered to make decisions. And as long as they are well informed, they can make them decisively and fast.

We similarly believe that good business practice requires experienced governance oversight and perspective. Blackwattle has in place an extremely well experienced and diverse board of independent directors.

Extending our governance focus, Blackwattle has installed two external governing councils to help shape our business and push our portfolio teams to be better.

The two external governing councils at Blackwattle are:

  1. ESG Advisory Council
  2. Investment Advisory Council

The Blackwattle ESG Advisory Council provides oversight of the company and its portfolios, helping to ensure our investments, perspectives and thinking align with our own values and policies.

The Blackwattle Investment Advisory Council aims to provide guidance, perspective, and critical thought to enhance investment decision making, and improve portfolio investment performance. The Council pushes our investment teams to be better.


We endeavour to be forward thinking in relation to Environmental, Social and Governance considerations within our business, portfolios and investments.

Blackwattle has developed propriety ESG risk assessment tools, research due diligence, and processes that are implemented across our portfolios.

Furthermore, our Blackwattle ESG Advisory Council provides rigorous oversight of our investments, tasked with trend and risk identification.

Blackwattle will actively advocate to our businesses in regards to their own ESG practices and corporate thinking.


Blackwattle is committed to open and transparent communication.

Spearheaded by our Client Team, Blackwattle actively engages with our investing community.

Our Client Team is equity aligned and personally invested in our portfolios. We believe that if we are to be truly aligned with our clients, then personal investment and ownership is key.

We recognise that our portfolio teams will make mistakes. But rather than hide from these mistakes, we will openly provide context to the error and moreover provide insight to how we have collectively learnt from our misstep.

We enjoy engagement with our investors, and welcome you to our future events and also to our office. Please stay engaged via our subscription link and on LinkedIn.