31 Aug 2023

Blackwattle’s Ray David is raising red flags about market darling CSL

Hear directly from Ray David our Lead Portfolio Manager and Blackwattle Partner.

Ray, Portfolio Manager of our Long-Short 130/30 Quality fund talks about red flags with market darling CSL and key stocks in the portfolio that are primed to do well over the next decade.

From Livewire:

“Ray David, Portfolio Manager and Partner at Blackwattle Investment Partners. Along with Schroders alumni Joseph Koh, Ray runs Blackwattle’s brand new Long-Short Quality Fund.

Ray has a red flag system for identifying his short and underweight positions. He put CSL through the ringer and, as you’ll learn today, it spat out a sea of red flags.

He also discusses the Ponzi scheme that sparked his interest in investment finance, why he’s bullish BHP irrespective of the commodity cycle, the new era in short selling, his overweight positions in industrials, and the media company with the best suite of assets on the ASX.”

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