15 Jul 2024

Hilton Worldwide – Revenue royalty business

“The best business is a royalty on the growth of others, requiring little capital itself.” – Warren Buffett

Our Global Portfolio Manager Sunny Bangia Livewire article discusses Hilton Worldwide business structure, profitability and resilient business model.

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1 Jul 2024

Blackwattle Investor Webinar: 1 July 2024

Hear directly from our Blackwattle Chief Executive Officer, Jarred Rubin and our lead Portfolio Managers providing an update on Blackwattle, thoughts on the market and portfolio overview.

Investment Strategy

19 Jun 2024

How To Seize The Right AI Opportunity

Edward Li from our Blackwattle Global Quality Fund speaks with Andrew Georghegan on ausbiz about the strong performance of Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA), now the world’s most valuable company due largely to its significant role in producing chips for AI software.

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26 May 2024

Membership Crackdown Could Hurt’s ‘North Star’

Thanks to the The Australian Financial Review for speaking with our Lead Portfolio Ray David on Retail, and regulatory views around merchants in the Australian Market.

The AFR explores KGN… “Investors are betting a crackdown on lucrative membership programs will hurt’s major profit driver, pushing the online retailer’s shares lower at a time when the company is performing significantly worse than expected.”

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Fund Updates

22 May 2024

The Shorting Opportunity In Consumer Discretionary Stocks

Blackwattle Investment Partners’ CEO Jarred Rubin discusses Financial Markets and Short-Selling Opportunities in consumer stocks with ausbiz.

“… In the realm of small cap stocks, Jarred Rubin of Blackwattle Investment Partners explores the potential for both long and short opportunities, focusing on the burgeoning opportunities in the local consumer space.

Jarred notes a discernible valuation difference between small and large caps, emphasising how small caps are currently under-evaluated, yet provide attractive investment opportunities. Notably, he’s captivated by high-quality growth opportunities that could become top 100 companies.”

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